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What should I pay attention to when buying a baby stroller?

The two-child policy is open, and baby strollers are becoming more and more popular. How should parents choose among the many baby stroller brands on the market? The editor summarizes the seven points for attention when buying a baby stroller. I hope that this can help parents to choose a suitable baby stroller.

1. Color

Many parents often choose the color they like when buying a stroller, without considering the impact of different colors on the baby. Parents who are familiar with color systems know that color can affect a person's mood. For example, black can make people feel depressed, yellow can make people feel comfortable, and cyan and green can make people feel quiet. In order to make the baby feel comfortable and quiet, the editor recommends that you choose some warm colors in terms of color, such as pink, orange, blue, red and so on.

2. Is the fabric safe?

Whether the fabric of the stroller has peculiar smell and harmful substances must be considered. When purchasing, you can smell it with your nose to see if there is a pungent smell. If there is a pungent smell, try not to buy this kind of stroller to prevent the Hazard to baby's respiratory system.

3. Is the height appropriate?

Parents also need to pay attention to the height of the stroller. If the height of the stroller is too low, the car exhaust and dust will cause harm to the baby's health, but if it is too high, the baby may fall out of the car and may be compared Large damage requires high standards for the balance design of the stroller. Generally, parents can choose a high-view stroller with a seat height of about 50cm, which can not only reduce the harm of car exhaust, but also open up the baby's safety. vision.

4. Whether the handrail is firm

Parents tend to ignore the armrests. The armrests can not only prevent the baby from drawing out of the seat, but also can be used for temporary meals in some strollers with recommended trays. It can support the strength of the child's crotch and is not easy to slip. Parents should check whether the quality and material of the baby stroller armrest is firm when purchasing.

5. Is the connector firm?

Each connection of the stroller has a connector. Parents need to check whether the interface is firm. You can shake the car with a little force with your hand to see how the car is shaking. If the car does not shake at all, it means that the joint is firm, and parents can buy it with confidence.

6. Is it convenient to fold

Nowadays, all the baby strollers on the market can be folded. Parents should fold it by themselves when buying it to see if it is convenient and the size after folding is appropriate. If it is more convenient to fold, parents can consider starting it, so that even if one person takes the child out, it is very easy.

7. Warranty

Warranty is a problem that many parents will ignore. It is often when there is a problem with the stroller that the warranty is remembered. Generally, you should ask about the warranty plan, period, etc. before purchasing. Generally, the quality of the stroller of the big brand is good. Guaranteed, after-sales service is also very efficient.

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