What are the advantages and strengths of electric scooters?
Electric scooters are also a popular transportation tool at the moment, but the transportation of scooters must bring more convenience and practicality to the popular, so it will be welcomed by the majority of users.

1. Foldable

Traditional scooters are fixed or disassembled and carried. Such scooters are inconvenient to carry and not easy to store. After the new electric scooters are improved on the basis, relative parts such as cushions and hand bars can be used. Folded and equipped with a notch for carrying, it is convenient to carry and use.

2. Code table

The current scooter is designed with a stopwatch to display the speed and speed of the scooter. This is to allow the user to better see the speed performance of the scooter. Relatively speaking, if the user is in some different There can be a relative judgment on the section of road, how much speed is used on what section of road, so as to facilitate their riding.

3. Shock absorption system

Traditional electric scooters only add a certain degree of tire toughness to the basic design to reduce vibration. Some users even say that traditional electric scooters are used in places such as bumps and speed bumps because of poor shock absorption. Some pain in the hip. The electric scooter with the addition of the shock absorption system can solve these relative problems.

So when choosing an electric scooter, we have to choose a scooter that suits and treats ourselves well.
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