How should the electric scooter battery be maintained?
Clothes are not as good as new, and people are not as good as they are. China is a country of nostalgia. The old always means knowing the roots and knowing the bottom. Many things are reluctant to change after a long time. Just like antiques, you always feel that everything is precious. The same is true for the bikes you ride, but no matter how good the quality is, the bikes need to be maintained, especially in terms of batteries, which need to be treated carefully. The electric scooters of Qunying use lithium batteries, so how to maintain lithium batteries? Can it extend his service life? Let us introduce it in detail~

1. When storing, please keep half the battery.

If you dont want to ride an electric scooter for a few days, there are two key factors that will affect the overall operating condition of the battery: the ambient temperature and the percentage of the battery that is charged before it is stored. Therefore, we recommend the following:

(1) Do not fully charge or discharge completely, the battery charge should be around 50%. If you store the device when the battery is completely depleted, the battery may fall into a deep discharge state, causing the consequence that it cannot be recharged. On the contrary, if you store a fully charged device for a long period of time, you may lose part of the battery capacity, thus shortening the battery life.

(2) Put the equipment in a cool and non-humid environment, the temperature is best below 35 degrees.

(3) If you plan to store the equipment for one month or more, it is best to achieve a deep discharge once a month.

2. Don't change the charger frequently

Each electric balance car manufacturer generally has individual requirements for chargers, and the input of each charger will be different, which is suitable for their own brand of batteries. If the continuation mileage is relatively long, it is necessary to equip multiple chargers for charging in different places, using additional chargers during the day and the original charger at night. Removing the speed limit of the controller can increase the speed of some cars, but in addition to reducing the safety of the car, it will also reduce the service life of the battery.

3. Stay away from extreme temperatures

Normal electric scooters can perform well in a wide range of ambient temperature. Between 16 and 22 is the ideal temperature zone with the highest battery performance. It is especially important to keep the battery away from places where the ambient temperature is higher than 35, otherwise the battery capacity may be damaged. In this case, after your battery is charged, it can no longer power your device for a long time. Charging the device in a high temperature environment may further damage the device. Even storing the battery in a high temperature environment may cause irreparable damage.
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