How to choose a baby stroller Tips for choosing a baby stroller
Many parents have encountered this problem when choosing a stroller. There are not many light and convenient functions in the stroller, and the stroller with many functions is cumbersome. How to choose? In fact, the selection of strollers is skillful, and the functions of strollers are not as many as possible. A few essential functions plus a lightweight body are the first choices for parents. Let's take a look at these selection tips below.

1. Whether the wheels are shock-proof and anti-skid.

The shockproof and anti-skid design of the stroller is essential, so that parents can ensure the safety of the babies in the stroller when they walk on bumpy roads and slippery roads. Wheels are not easy to be too small, and wheels that are too small are easy to be unstable. Choosing a wheel of a moderate size and testing whether its anti-vibration and anti-skid functionality is intact is a place to check.

2. Check whether the body is safe.

 Before babies use the stroller, parents should check whether the stroller is safe. The safety belt, locking and safety devices are all in line with national safety standards. If it is a stroller that is retracted, check where the button is to prevent the baby from pressing it by mistake. The seat pocket of the seat should also be checked whether it is deep enough to ensure that the baby will not turn over.

3. Pay attention to the content on the manual.

Although this is not a skill for choosing a stroller, it is indeed something that parents must do after buying a stroller. Many accidents often happen when parents do not understand the stroller itself. Therefore, the manual must be read to master all the functions of the stroller, its structure and safety facilities. Carefulness is the first rule.

Lightweight storage bag for stroller. The lightweight storage bag only needs to be hung on the handle of the stroller a little bit. The water cup can be placed on the left side, and there is a special place for small debris on the right side. It's a lightweight and compact pocket that moms and dads can get. Very easy to disassemble and clean.

4. The shock-absorbing effect design of the baby stroller is very important to the baby's healthy development.

Everyone knows that the bones of a newborn baby are not well grown and are very fragile. A shock-absorbing stroller is essential to the healthy development of the baby. The quality of the shock absorber involves the baby's comfort experience and safety risks. The stroller with good shock absorber performance can be used in most road conditions, and the vibration to the baby will be minimized, which can greatly reduce the baby's safety risk.

5. Stroller brake device, a safe stroller must be indispensable.

 The brake device of the stroller must be flexible and easy to use. It can be started in any emergency. It is best to choose the rear wheel cross-brake, so that the cart can be stopped at the first time conveniently and quickly.

One-foot dual-brake braking system. Braking and unlocking are all done with one foot. There is no need to step on each side separately, just step on the cross brake device. The response is fast and the dual-axle braking performance is more stable. ,safer. With the brakes, place the cart on a steep slope, and the adult sits on it stably without sliding.

6. Choose a high-view stroller that can be reversed. Although a little heavier, the baby is safe enough.

1) Parents want to keep the baby in the fresh air as much as possible, but ordinary strollers because the seat is lower than the ground, the car exhaust can easily cover the baby, while the high-view stroller is because the seat is higher than the ground, the baby is in A position higher than the exhaust pipe of the car can well avoid car exhaust. Car exhaust is not only unpleasant but also contains a lot of lead elements, which can easily cause lead poisoning in babies, and lead is also an intellectual killer for babies.

2) It is more convenient for parent-child interaction: The high-view stroller seat is higher from the ground, so parents do not need to squat to interact with the baby, plus if the high-view stroller has a reversing function, push it on the side You can also interact with your baby at any time during the car.

3) Broaden your horizons: The so-called sitting tall, see far, the baby is full of curiosity about the world, when you take your baby out, let your baby sit in a stroller with a high landscape, you can broaden your baby's horizons and explore more interesting knowledge .
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