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Baby stroller purchase 10 elements

Why do the minimum angles of many stroller backrests lie flat at 175 degrees instead of 180 degrees? Because the design of the stroller angles should consider its safety. If you lie down completely 180 degrees, the baby is easy to pick up due to spit; next to push the wind in the stroller, the baby's nose is easy to suck into the cool breeze; the possibility of the baby slipping out of the top of the stroller increases as the cart goes uphill again. Between the above three points, the lowest angle of the backrest of the cart is the safest at 175 degrees.
Element 1, baby stroller's active joints must be very sensitive, is the first focus of safety. In order to make the car easy to collect or transport, an active joint with a locking function is usually designed. If these joints are not sensitive, when the baby is still in the cart, the frame may suddenly collapse due to the failure of the active joint, causing the baby's delicate body to be caught by the body, causing considerable harm.
Element 2. It is necessary to carefully observe the main components such as the push rod and the adjustment rod of the stroller. In general, the diameter should be about 1-1.2 cm. If the diameter is only 0.6 centimeters, it may be an imitation of cutting corners. This type of cart can easily be broken in an emergency situation, resulting in dangerous situations.
Element 3: Since the purified fabric is harmful to the baby's skin, the fabric of the authentic baby stroller should be a polyester/cotton product or a cotton product. The color fastness of such fabrics is often tested. Even if the baby wears light-colored clothes or pisses in the car, there is no need to worry about their clothes being stained with other colors. If a white fabric is rubbed slightly on the cart fabric, the white fabric has been found to have a certain color, which is likely to be a poor quality imitation.
Element 4. Do not have sharp edges, sharp corners, protrusions, rivets, and small parts that can easily come off. In addition, the crevices that can be reached by the hands and feet are generally greater than 12 mm or less than 5 mm, so that the baby's hands and feet will not be injured. Corrosion protection layer should be sprayed on push rods and handrails of carts to prevent heavy metal elements from damaging the health of the baby. It also depends on the quality of plastic parts and chooses plastics with strong toughness, bright colors, and good gloss.
Element 5, to have a shock absorber structure, can fully absorb the vibration caused by uneven road, to the baby's head and body to maximize protection. No matter what the angle, the baby's neck can be in the most comfortable state to prevent damage to the brain and cervical spine. With the change of the angle, there can be no gap between the baby's waist and the seat, the back stretches, does not oppress the abdomen, is conducive to the normal development of the baby's organs, to prevent indigestion.
The depth between element 6, baby stroller seat pocket and armrest should not be too shallow, so as not to shift the center of gravity when the baby turns or twists in the car, causing a roll-over accident. Car recession should be less than 5 cm, to avoid excessive depression affect the baby's spine and bone growth and development.
Element 7. Check whether the opening of the cart is convenient, whether the caster rotation is flexible, and the best caster is 5 or more. The brake device is one of the necessary safety devices for the stroller because the mom may not stay near the car at all times when the car is stopped. If you stop at a sloped terrain and Mummy can't hold the frame, the car will slide and overturn at any time, posing a great danger to your baby. In addition, a stroller having a folding function should be provided with a locking safety device to prevent accidental folding of the stroller during use, resulting in baby injuries.
Element 8, in the purchase of baby strollers, we must first check the product certification, quality assurance, warranty card, instruction manual and other documents are complete, with or without security marks. It's best to buy in a regular mall. If parents are still skeptical about the product, they can ask the manufacturer to provide the address of the product testing agency so that the relevant test certificate can be obtained.
Element 9: Baby's age should be considered when purchasing a stroller. A "small bed" stroller suitable for folding and unfolding like a baby cot or sun visor is suitable for use under 8 months. Within 1 year of age, choose a dual-use cart that can both sleep and sit. There must be a roof over the car to avoid dust and direct sunlight. 1-3 years old should choose to sit on the cart, go out to park and walk, you can sit and push a small car to learn to walk. At home, I still learn to eat tables and chairs.
Element 10, Many parents want to have a variety of additional features at the time of purchase. They feel that it is worthwhile, but this shopping concept is not appropriate. Because the more the products are assembled or shared with each other, the proportion of possible problems will increase, especially the safety of single use. Therefore, when purchasing a product with multiple functions, it is absolutely necessary to consider whether or not it meets the safety standards and must be careful.

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